About Us

The Luckshack was created from our passion for Magic: The Gathering and Tabletop gaming in general. Even though we specialize in Magic: The Gathering, we also stock Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon products, and have Board Games both in stock and available for pre-order. We run weekly in-store events for the above mentioned games. Please check the Seller page of the Luckshack branch you’re visiting, as our shops cater for different players and hence different events and tournaments.

The Luckshack was founded by Marvin Hsiao. Marvin had a full time job outside The Luckshack, and it was a project he managed for seven years, despite his time constraints, before selling it to Gerhard Krause in 2013.

In May 2017, The Luckshack expanded when Gerhard Krause and J.P. Theron opened another branch in Fish Hoek; The Luckshack – Fish Hoek. Jessica Jay broadened The Luckshack’s reach when she commissioned the Plumstead branch in April 2018.

As a brand, we aspire to be the stock market of collectible card games in South Africa.