29-May-2020 Lockdown update - Level 3 restrictions


Next week South Africa will be going into Level 3 restrictions for the Lockdown. Read more here to find out how the Luckshack stores will be operating.

14-May-2020 Lockdown update


Thanks to the latest announcement by Government, e-commerce is now allowed. The Luckshack stores will be sending out orders again from next week.

Lockdown update - Ikoria release and shipping


You may have seen our Facebook posts stating that The Luckshack stores will not be opening for business until Level 3 lockdown regulations are in place. I want to take a moment to expand on that, as well as talk a bit about the shipping of orders and the Ikoria prerelease/release.

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition Drops this week


Featuring art from five of Magic's premier artists—Alayna Danner, Adam Paquette, Sam Burley, John Avon, and Seb McKinnon—set in five popular Magic planes, this collection of five enemy fetch lands is sure to turn heads.
And The Luckshack will be selling them drop-style over the next few days.

National Lockdown announcement


Please take note of the following announcements regarding shipping and in-store pick up.

Unplug Yourself - Support your FLGS announcement


The Corona Virus is about to hit our economy hard, and few will be hit as hard as your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS).

The Luckshack gets a News section!


The Luckshack gets a News section!

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