14-May-2020 Lockdown update

By this time you'll probably have heard heard the news that e-commerce is *FINALLY* allowed for all products, except for alcohol and cigarettes.

What does this mean?

To make it absolutely clear, the Luckshack stores are NOT open to customers for in-store pick-up. If anyone shows up at any of our stores they will regrettably be shown away without getting their orders. We will keep everyone updated as to if and when this changes.

However, excluding pre-ordered items including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering Challenger Decks, Ikoria prerelease kits and Commander decks, all orders that have been placed since 27 March 2020 will be shipped out from Monday, 18 May 2020.

For all pre-ordered items that have released since 27 March, please keep in mind that the lockdown regulations also prevented our suppliers from operating. They will be able to receive the Ikoria products stuck in special storage from tomorrow onward. Then, like us, they need to start sorting out all orders that have been placed during lockdown. We have been advised that we will only receive the Ikoria products in about 10 to 14 days. We will list singles and start shipping Ikoria items as soon as we receive these shipments. As always, customers will receive status updates on their orders as per usual when this occurs.


We have known for a while now that the chances of hosting a traditional prelease this time around was next to zero. At this point in time it is unlikely that we will have received any of the Ikoria set or commander products in time to have the alternative "At-home" prelease announced by Wizards of the Coast either. In fact, public gatherings will not be allowed until at earliest Level 2 restrictions are in place. Now is probably a good a time as any to state that we do not believe there will be any form of organised play in our stores in the coming months.

The next 2-3 prereleases will more than likely be "At-home" events, where our customers will only be allowed to come and pick up their packs but not stay for any form of event. We will also not be running any of our usual weekly events until at least Level 2 restrictions are in place, depending on regulations at that time as well as any external restrictions imposed.

This also impacts the 2020 Invitational series. The series will be suspended until such time when we can safely start running larger events again in a controlled, hygienic environment. We'll be aiming to restart in 4-6 months to run the series and host the final some time mid-2021.