Our regular events


Each Tuesday from 18:00 - R20 entry
  • 99 card singleton multiplayer format
  • Rounds are played in groups of 4 players
  • Results of the events are tracked on a league table which cycles every 2 months
  • At the end of each season, the player with the highest finish is awarded a prize (announced in the last week of each season)

Shop Draft

Each Wednesday at 19:00 - R50 entry
Join us each Wednesday evening and draft the latest set.

Hone your skills
  • Learn to evaluate individual card power
  • Learn to build decks on the fly
  • Find that sweet card interaction that you can use at the next FNM

We keep the cards opened.
Booster prizes for the top finisher(s).

Friday Night Magic

Each Friday at 19:00 - R50 entry
  • There are FNM's hosted for both Standard and Modern each Friday.
  • 1 booster each for 1st and 2nd place. The rest of the prize support will be handed out randomly after Round 1
  • Each week alternates the "featured" format.
  • The winner of each week's featured format gets crowned The King of the Hill for the next week.
  • The King is entitled to a free bottomless coffee or a drink.
  • The King's opponents come to the throne to play. The King does not have to lift a finger all night (aside from playing Magic, of course)