FAQ May 2015

Who and what is the Luckshack?

The Luckshack is an online store specialising in Magic: The Gathering collectable card game We also stock YuGiOh Sealed Products and a few unlisted singles. We also stock loads of accessories which can be found under the Miscellaneous Tab. The Luckshack was founded by Marvin Hsiao. Our store was created out of passion for Magic: The Gathering and table top gaming. The founder has full time job outside The Luckshack so this was a project he maintained for 7 years despite the time constraints, before selling it in 2013 to Gerhard Krause.

Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we have opened a store at Albar Centre Shop 1, (First Floor) c/o Zastron and Koeberg Road in Milnerton in Cape Town. However, our shop is only open as follows and when there are events running. We are closed on Mondays, but open Thursday 12h00 - 17h00, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12h00 till after the events (23h00). Saturday 11h00 - 14h00 And on Sundays during events (From 10am) and only if there are events. You are also welcome to contact us any other time per email - info@luckshack.co.za for assistance. We have EDH events on Tuesdays starting 18h30, Drafts Events on Wednesday nights starting at 19h00,YGO Events on Wednesdays starting 19h15 and our Friday Night Magic events, always both Standard and Modern, on Fridays starting 19h00. Our weekend events are posted on Facebook in the Magic the Gathering group or in our own Facebook group. Join our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/188014731318425/ - to be invited to events and see updates regarding new stock, specials etc. We have series events in all 3 shops. All details on MTGportal.co.za. Much like Kalahari.com and Starcitygames.com, our primary aim to be the best online store for Magic: The Gathering in South Africa.

I know you have a secret stash that are not listed on the website, how do I access them?

We really don't. Well, sort of. We do have an unreasonably large amount of uncatalogued, unsorted commons and uncommons , which can be looked through when visiting our store in Milnerton. Our bulk cards are sorted by letter in boxes - for instance all commons starting with the letter "A" will be in one box. So if you are looking for something specific, it will be easy to find it if we have it.

What are sealed products?

Sealed products are things like boosters, booster boxes, Bundle packs, Planeswalker Decks, Duel decks and some promotional product. Or Pre Order specials is a way of getting Sealed product at a lower price. There are always Special on Sealed product before releasing of a new set. Please note we don't replenish some of the sealed product so it will be sold on first come first serve basis.

How do I find a particular card I want to buy?

There are two ways. If you know which set the card is from, click on the set "category" on the left hand side of the main page and find the card you are looking for. Alternatively a useful option is to use the "find a card" option on the top right corner of the main page. The advantage of this option is often a card (e.g. Ajani Goldmane) would appear in more than 1 set and all of the options will come up when you search for it.

What about cards for extended, legacy formats and older?

We do have some out of print cards on the website. The best way to find them is to either search by set or type in the full or partial card name in the search box in the top right corner of the site.

How do I process orders?

Please bear in mind that older stock will very likely be at least 'Lightly Played'. Our stock is listed on our site and you have to place orders online. It is very easy to open and account and orders can be paid in store. We do have card facilities as well. So even if you choose the direct bank deposit option, you can still pay in store. Even if you buy in store, the orders must go through our system, so to save time, place an order and your cards will be ready when you are collecting them. Please use the email queries judiciously, consult the FAQ, and place your order through the site. As a general rule, the more emails you send us, the less likely we are to reply. If you don't get a response from us it's either that we are not able to cater for your request or we are just too busy. Please accept our most humble apologies.

Can I purchase without a credit card?

Yes, you most definitely can. There are two options. After you select the cards you need on the website and proceed to check out, you may select the EFT option , and pay by electronic fund transfer (you will receive our account details after the order is confirmed). Alternatively if you don't have internet banking, you can also make a "cardless deposit" at an Standard Bank Auto plus and the money is immediately in our account. It is very very simple. You select the deposit cash option, put money in, then put in our account nr (as per email sent to you after placing an order), then ref nr which is your order number, and cell nr. Then our account details and the amount will appear on the screen and if it is correct, just press proceed and we will receive the sms payment confirmation and your order can be dispatch immediately.

. Use your order number as reference. On confirmation of payment we will post the cards to you. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE CASH DEPOSIT INSIDE A BANK.

For in store pickup order, you can still EFT before coming to collect the cards, but you can pay when you collect your order as well. If its a short notice order, you will need to provide proof of payment. Customers are always welcome to choose the free in store pick up option where you do not pay Postage and then arrange for their own courier at own expense. IF orders is for collectecting at our Fish Hoek or Plumstead stores, please note that only paid orders will sent there. You cannot pay for our cards in one of the other shops. Can I do "Cash on delivery" and pay when my order is posted to me?

No, our orders are delivered by the SA postal service or Postnet and other Couriers. So we need to receive payment before we can post orders.

Can I ask you to set cards aside for me?

Cards are “set aside” as soon as you check out and confirm an order. Otherwise they are fair game. We don’t do “set aside” as they are prone to abuse.

So, can I check out a cart and not pay?

A checked out cart is a completed transaction between you and The Luckshack. If there is a very good reason (such as you are waiting for a query to be resolved), you may delay the payment for your specific order. Otherwise please make the payment within 4 days after placing an order. If you know you are unable to make the payment immediately, please DO NOT check out a cart. Any unpaid orders will be cancelled after 4 days. If a customer does so repeatedly, we may even refuse to process further orders from that customer.

Can you combine multiple orders into a single posting?

We understand some customers would like to add more cards to their order before the shipping date and we can combine your orders to save postage to an extent. Orders are processed nearly every day and once an order is processed, they are sealed. Reopening a sealed order can be frustrating for us so please be considerate and keep the “string ordering” to a minimum.

What are the posting options?

There are a few. You may select "Counter to Counter" or "Ordinary Parcel". Both delivery methods are registered and come with a tracking number. Ordinary parcel is the usual SA postal service parcel collect notification that gets delivered to your postal address, although you can go pick it up at the post office using the tracking number provided. “Counter to counter” is a faster delivery service (it usually arrives the day after we post the order, but has been known to be slower than normal posting to certain areas of South Africa) but you will have to collect it from your nearest post office. We also have door to door courier options and collecting orders at one of our other branches. All options will be displayed when processing your order. Always check your delivery address at the end of the ordering process to make sure it's correct.

I am based in Cape Town, can I ask to get the cards for me and I pay in person?

Yes, you may select the "Free In Store Pick " option can the come join us for a few rounds of Magic! Also note that this must be collected withing 4 days to avoid cancellation. If any problems occur and you cannot collect within time frame, please contact us via email

I have a collection for sale. What should I do?

Due to the fluctuating Rand/Euro/Dollar exchange rate, we are unable to guarantee a set multiplier at which we buy cards. Instead, we maintain a buylist of cards that we are currently interested in. Alternatively, if the cards you wish to sell are not on the list, please compile a list of the cards that you would like to sell to us and email us at Info.

Are you interested in Magic related articles?

Unfortunately we don’t have the time to regularly post articles. However, The Luckshack is all about building a magic community is South Africa and we are very interested in the local metagame. If you wish the Luckshack to sponsor you in exchange for deck lists and articles please contact us at Info and we can discuss the details.

Do you have a facebook page and what is it used for?

Yes, these days everyone and their cats have a facebook page and the Luckshack is all for social networking sites. However the function of the Luckshack facebook page is still evolving. If you want to complain (or hopefully complement) about our service you can use the wall on our page to do so. If you need to complain however, we're human and sometimes do make mistakes, so sending us an e-mail to try and rectify your issue(s) will work better. If you want to purchase cards/sealed products which we do not stock, you can also use our facebook page to remind us to stock these items. Perhaps another customer of ours would have the card and he/she may be able to trade with you directly.

How do I find out more about Magic: The Gathering (tournaments and general info) in South Africa?

There is a SA Magic Facebook group which is very active and has all the latest information you need. So go out there, meet other Magic players and have fun!