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Drudge Spell Homelands

Drudge Spell

MP - Card bit damaged at the back Card Type: Enchantment Casting Cost: BB Card Text: oB Remove from the game two target creatures in your graveyard...
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Grandmother Sengir - (SP) Homelands

Grandmother Sengir - (SP)

Card Type: Legendary Creature Creature Type: Human Wizard Power/Toughness: 3/3 Casting Cost: 4B Card Text: 1B, ocT: Target creature gets -1/-1 until...
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Ihsan's Shade - (SP) Homelands

Ihsan's Shade - (SP)

Card Type: Legendary Creature Creature Type: Shade Knight Power/Toughness: 5/5 Casting Cost: 3BBB Card Text: Protection from white Oracle Text:...
2 R5